How to Download Your Free Video Series

Below you'll find the download links for your FREE IM Tech Part 1 video series.

To save them to your computer, simply right-click on the link. Then left click on either "Save Link As" in FireFox or "Save Target As" in Internet Explorer.
  • Click Here for the Intro Video (view only):                           Watch
  • Click Here for the Domain Name Video:    Download WMV   Watch
  • Click Here for the Web Hosting Video:      Download WMV   Watch
  • Click Here for the CPanel Basics Video:    Download WMV   Watch
  • Click Here for the DNS Intro Video:          Download WMV   Watch
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Now let's move on to the next set of FREE IM Tech Part 2 video series.

This next set is slightly more advanced, but necessary if you're going to be doing your own web sites. For l limited time, I'm still giving access to these tutorials away, but I need your name and email address.
Here's what you'll be getting:
  1. CPanel Setup for Email
  2. CPanel Setup for Email Forwarding
  3. CPanel Web Stats
  4. CPanel Fantastico
  5. CPanel Autoresponse  for Email
  6. CPanel Fantastico Delete

Seems like a fair trade to me. Plus, since it's a double opt-in, you can unsubscribe at any time. Now that's a deal. Another important set of IM Tech Tutorials for FREE, all for opting in to my email list.

Use This Signup Form:


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